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Thank you for your interest in Clear Aligners by Henry Schein® Orthodontics™.  HSO is pleased to offer our Digital Dental (DDX) Case Management Treatment Portal to enhance the communication between your practice and our Aligner Lab. With DDX, you can:

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HSO's Clear Aligners


Clearly Different

Introducing a clearly different comprehensive aligner system for adults and teens. New HSO Clear Aligners are uniquely clear, provide an excellent fit, and offer numerous workflow and treatment efficiencies.  With over 100,000 patients treated with this innovative aligner technology, doctors and patients can be confident in HSO aligner performance for the full range of minor, moderate and comprehensive treatments.


Clear Benefits

  • Advanced manufacturing process with proprietary ClearWear™ material provides ultimate aesthetics.
  • Precision-fit aligners provide exceptional tooth-specific control for improved comfort and reduced need for unsightly attachments.
  • Jumpstarting your HSO Clear Aligners with the Carriere® MOTION 3D CLEAR™ Appliance provides the most efficient and aesthetic treatment solution available!


Real Comfort

  • Scalloped, smooth trays are expertly trimmed along the gingival margin for maximum patient comfort.


Not Seeing is Believing

  • Unlike competing orthodontic aligners, HSO Clear Aligners are uniquely clear.


Better Together

Let MOTION 3D™ do the heavy lifting for you!  Prior to aligners, Sagittal First™ treatment with MOTION 3D Appliances to establish a Class I occlusion is designed to simplify and standardize your aligner cases, reducing total treatment time and both the number of attachments and aligners required.

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