Reveal® Refinement - Same Treatment Goal/ Same Final Occlusion (EU)

Refinement – An option if further tooth movement is needed in order to meet the original approved Treatment Setup.  Refinements are not an opportunity to modify the original Treatment Setup. HSI will provide the recommended
number of aligners to achieve your approved Treatment Setup once appropriate records have been provided. A new Treatment Setup will be only provided for approval if requested. Refinements may only be requested after half the
number of steps provided have been used and before the Treatment Expiration Date.  Treatment Expiration Date is calculated by the aligner delivery date plus 2 weeks per step, plus 120 days from completion of the final step.

In most cases, fit issues can be addressed without requiring refinements. Please review the following to determine if a refinement is needed.
a. Recommend to your patient to bite Chewies™ tray seaters each day, until the aligner is seated properly, and the discomfort has disappeared.
b. Before moving to the next tray, ensure that the current one has expressed the prescribed movement. This may involve extending the wear time.
c. If discomfort doesn’t alleviate, trimming may be required and can be done in your office.
d. If the issue persists after a week, and it is not caused by non-compliance, contact the Henry Schein team for advanced troubleshooting options before considering requesting a refinement.
e. If the fit issue cannot be resolved through any of the suggested measures, the case may require refinements.

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